Actual Size Artworks Studio

Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades are sculptors who work individually and as part of Actual Size Artworks, a collaborative team. We are committed to the idea of artist as citizen and believe in the transformative potential of artwork in the community. Our work is characterized by a strong profile, a sense of humor, and excellent craftsmanship. Our goal is to create artwork that engages its audience in a lively and intelligent manner and contributes to a dynamic, memorable public space. We believe that artwork can highlight and interpret a community, help clarify a busy and visually dense space, and create a space for imagination and possibility.

Simpson has an MFA in Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is originally from Chicago. Her individual work expresses her interest in the intersection between the built and natural environment. Aris Georgiades is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and has an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from University of Michigan. His sculptures use salvaged building materials and objects, related to issues of adaptability and the changing nature of work, usefulness and ambition. His work can be seen at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago. Both artists reside in Stoughton, Wisconsin and teach at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.